So Say We All: Religion, Spirituality, and the Divine in Battlestar Galactica is Now Available to Order

Book Description—So Say We All: Religion, Spirituality, and the Divine in Battlestar Galactica by Erica Mongé-Greer is a religious commentary on Battlestar Galactica TRS (2004-2009). The book opens with a brief introduction to the role of sci-fi literature in the humanities and its particular contribution to the study of religion. Critical commentary on each season follows, with a conclusive chapter focusing on specific theological themes raised throughout the series.

Author Bio—Erica Mongé-Greer holds a Ph. D. In Divinity (U. Aberdeen/Trinity College Bristol), specializing in Biblical Ethics and ancient Near Eastern religious texts. Dr. Mongé-Greer is a Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Adjunct Professor, avid Reader (& sometimes Writer) of Science Fiction, and Pop Culture Theologian. Follow her musings and reviews on

Excerpt—“The world of BSG is rich with mythical history and religious ideology that extends from the beginnings of human civilization to the origins of the Cylon; humanity’s created AI species. Aside from the social references to supernatural concepts, like fate and destiny, there are specific religious tribes and accompanying political manifestations. The Cylons, though considered children of humanity, follow the religious ideals that vary among themselves, having their factions with religious ranges. The BSG universe did not shy away from developing a technologically advanced world where religion evolved in multiple ways for both humans and Cylons. Many religious ideals in BSG represent current real-world religious beliefs or the implications of such beliefs. Exploring religion in BSG is one way we can evaluate our present reality and find better ways to communicate who we are and why we believe the way we do.” [from the Introduction]


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